viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

gaga... again D:

omg, every blog i see, every tumblr i read... this video is f*cking everywhereeee
everybody has a million opinions of that... she's a madonna's copy, she's an alien, she's crazy, she's not original... well, im not a fan of her, but i gotta said she's genious being non-original... i don't like her songs, they are just too gay x))
of course she's not the first making religious videos.. and showing controversial images and themes... but that's the "magic" of her.. like quentin tarantino, they both are non-original and everybody loves them because popular people doesn't know a damn thing about them x)) i mean, tarantino itself said "kill bill" is not a movie, is a ode tribute to asian movies and if u see that references is like.. wow, he even had to think about the scenes at all
but THAT'S OK lol i like them both for that x) they know how to trick us and it works ;D

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