miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

rick owens collection june 24th/2010 for men

Ok, let's talk about some missing stuff in couture: men fashion
Yeah those skinny big beautiful models clothing the haute couture this summer, the collection of Rick Owens. I have to said is a very great inspiration for me, the boots omg!!, the dark style, medical white coats, the "wristbands" (or wtvr the name is in english). White, Black, Grey, Brown, Leather "legwarmers", Male skirts and Shorts for this cold summer (in mexico don't u_u..) You all must see his page for the full catwalk. Let's face it! men should use male sexy skirts too x) and is NOT gay (well it depends of the acctitude and accesories, and of course not every man is skinny, big and beautiful.. but i think many many boys can look masculine with this kind of clothes.. or what you think?), hope more straight boys wear this some day n_n xoxox

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