martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

976-EVIL and the new deftones' album

if you gonna use my images, credit me
please do not reuse, modify,trace or create derivatives of my work in any way without my permission
My art is copyrighted by me, don't fuck with it

Model: Me and my friend Joe (cute, isn't he?)
Photography by: Miquixtli, check her page

..heey the new album of Deftones rulez (i hate reviews, just listen it or die)
download it here
is better if you buy it, go ahead don't be pirate x)

4 comentarios: dijo...

Nice pics*---*

Aleisha Z dijo...

Devastated the link doesn't work :(

Great pics!! xx

The Perpetrator dijo...

i love the mood of the photos! so beautiful! :)


i love those, photography as a graphic.