lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

cellar door

>Donnie, what Roberta Sparrow said to you?

Donnie: She said that every living creature in the Earth dies alone

>How that make you feel?

Donnie: It reminds me my dog Callie, she died when i was 8, she hides into the porch

> die?

Donnie: to be alone

>Do you feel alone right now?

Donnie: I dont know, I would like to believe that I'm not but i'm just,,, I'm just never seen any proof so I,.. just dont debated anymore, I could spend my hole life debated over and over and over again and still has no proof, so I just dont debated anymore.. its absurd

>the search of god is absurd?

Donnie: It is, If everyone dies alone

>Does that scared you?

Donnie: I dont wanna be alone

Donnie: Why you always wear that stupid bunny suit?

Frank: Why you always wear that stupid human suit?

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