jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

what i wore today II

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i just found my new office's hobbie XD
today im wearing my fav black dress, black boots, messy hair, same kitty's umbrella and i'm still looking pale, i know is not a "healthy look" but i like it ahahah
what are you wearing today, kiddos?
( illustration by me )

3 comentarios:

The Perpetrator dijo...

this is my favorite by far!!! just amazing! i love that dress too! so hot! and cute too with the green umbrella

Hekero Stormwind dijo...

El paraguas aqua me recuerda a hatsune miku.

Interesante, tal vez algún día he de intentarlo, en mi poco tiempo "libre?".

Anyway, i loved it, however...

that face..

Anónimo dijo...

wait, did you draw this picture yourself? I wanna know! :D

thank you so much for coming across my blog and subscribing. I appreciate it, doll :)