lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

im not here, this is not happening (old drawnings)

old drawning, I really should check my old entries because I don't know if I have already upload this shit, anyway, done in february of this year (2010) ...
omg, i was so dumb newbie with my drawnings

this is voodoo, (is NOT a zombie), a very old concept of my animated short film
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those girls are from the same animated short film :) this was made with pencil colors and black pen, levels of photoshop.. so oldie, i'm really uploading this because i want to see the difference in that timee and now, what do you think ?

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fan art of zaaack ♥ from final fantasy VII (2009... uuuuuuu)

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uh, my favorite character ever, final fantasy VII too :D

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uh, another manga girl.. so original i am ;D

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this was inspired in my favorite artist, katsuya terada.. .watercolor
and at least we finished.. srsly i have a looooot of paintings and shit drawningsm but you shoould go to my deviant for see all of them ;D

3 comentarios:

The Perpetrator dijo...

it's nice to revisit our old works. your style is very versatile. :) or maybe you were trying to figure out your own style early on.

Alan Carranza dijo...

Lindo dibujo aeris
Este siempre me gusto
Ya hice el blog :)
Saludos !!


Michelle dijo...


me encanta el de Zack!