lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

moar drawning/dreaming time!!

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I made this last week, both drawnings are dreams (or nightmares?) i had last week... spooky :)

some people just has this dreams and forgot them when the sun appears in the sky (some chases when the clock rings) but I like to draw those,.. why? just because.. haha i suppose i'm insane? 4 or 5 doctors agree

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*aaand this (i didn't do it, is from 4chan) but is so funny

omg im so excited!! one more month and i'll be in canada :D!! wish me luck kiddos

AAAAAND!!.. tomorrow is the Pixies concert in my city!!! of course i'm goiiing!! yay

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wobblinbetty dijo...

the first illustration is so intense!! loving it!!! and the last one, no not the last one the one before, it's sooo funny! LOVE YOUR BLOG! :) xx


lol the low-pant explanatory is awesome.