viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

cocorosie' gallows and victorian post-mortem photo


my favorite video for this days
i went to see them on a concert, a month ago.. their show is suppa cool :P

I really really WANT NEED to put this specific song in my short film that i'm doing... it fits so perfectly with the mood and everything *0*

talking about cool stuff, i find the victorian post-mortem photography very interesting, is my favorite time ever (besides old japan) and the way they "see" life and everything is totally different now..

a lot of people will found this annoying or wtvr, but, what the hell? without dead there's no life and viceversa blabla.. in those times they save money and their best clothes for this photos.. this has no comparison with anything in this times, its creepy, but they see this like a very fancy way to remember the dead,.

you know, the thoughts of the "old days" were similar in all world.. egiptians, asians, aztecs.. they see dead like nothing sad or creepy. just a part of life, how do you guys see "dead"?

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Anónimo dijo...

wow those pictures are insane.

dead people, can't believe there was actually someone who had the idea on taking photos of the dead ones in the past. but nevertheless none of them look way too dark nor depressive.

Anónimo dijo...

Hola :B
Encontre tu blog y me encantó :)
y esas fotos son super!, yo estudio diseño de vestuario en Chile, y tuve que hacer una investigación sobre la historia del vestuario por epocas, a mi me toco justo esta, y me impresioné con todo esto de las fotos de muertos :s es un poco creepy especialmente porke hay muchos niños muertos ahi, bueno de todas formas muy buen post :)
de todas maneras te seguire, besos cuidate byee