lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

straw dogs

So you think movies are violent today, huh? ..think again. Sam Peckinpah's highly charged, extremely intense, brutally violent 1971 movie is an underrated masterpiece, in my opinion, that redefined cinema violence forever (as if "The Wild Bunch" wasn't enough). It is one of the best directed, most fluidly edited pictures that I've seen in recent YEARS. Today's films don't even come close for real.
Honestly, when I see the trailer doesn't attract my eye so much, I though.. "huh, another 70's "violent" stupid movie.." but this is noooot a horror film in the traditional sense, Peckinpah's statement is that in this world, like it or not, there is a genuine need for violence and he concentrates most on uncovering how common emotions (jealousy, vengeance, lust) can turn seemingly normal men evil.
btw.. Dustin Hoffman looks very handsome in this film

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Irene dijo...

Cuando des a "insertar" para poner el video en el blog, en el código te va a aparecer la palabra "width" al principio y al final del código con un número, ese número lo cambias por 25 y está :)

Phillipe LeNerd † dijo...

i love this kind of movies!
thanks so much
lots of love!

Anónimo dijo...

yeah the old movies are better I think. it seems like people knew how to create terror without being way too cheesy or predictable.
I'm downloading the shining now and about to watch sleepy hollow.
I'm a horror movie nerd. but I haven't found even 1 horror movie with a highly great story.