lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


 The best of Germany? ..

* ilimited speed highway! 220 km/hr ...was fun amore n_n

*the Film museum in Dosseldorf 
* free will of drinking beer in the street, like a regular soda!
* badass cathedrals in Koln and Aix la chapelle (palace of Charlemagne) in Aachen!
* Adolf Hipster speech XD... aaaaand
* carnival funny drunky sunday :D the carnival of Koln 11.11~

cheers guapo :)

condon man, an indian american-french apache, a fail charles chaplin and a guapo bandolero! yeah, the carnival of koln ROCKS!! 11h11, 11/11 .. (end of the WW I )

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