lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Agnes-weekend :P

wuaaa we been having such a nice time, ey n___n we went to a pub in sheppard and i take few pictures (before i get drunk) of my friends

it was a "see you later" party for Agnes, i think we gonna meet you soon!!
I want to hear with my own ears those korean dogs... hahah they actually talk!! don't bark :(

and then we went to Midori's house for korean-japanese food n___n Agnes.. marry me!!
ahaha you cook very well *0*
just ladie's night!! korean food, ramen, and beer!! yay

I'm gonna miss you very much Agnes unii, I hate say goodbye, so I prefer to say the truth:
we gonna meet us again some day, ey ;)
Take care and love you so much my friend!!

(grr how long i have to wait for somebody attend me in this office!
-waiting in a agency u.u-
aaaaa tomorrow is my birthday u__u )
the end

3 comentarios:

Orphin Lasz dijo...

Mucho tiempo sin leerte! hehehehhe
Mmmm mandame tu correo cuando puedas para seguirnos hablando!!!
Que yo tampoco me meto mucho al blog estos dias :c

Espero que estes de lo mejor! Un beso!

Crying Feather dijo...

Cool pics !

mhx dijo...

siempre te la pasas super bn alla no? ajaja saludos.