jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Note to self.. (more drawning)

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unfinished drawning that i'm doing (YES, ME haha i hate when people ask "did you draw this?.. YEAH of course, is MY blog.. my draws, MY pics..) (i had a lot of free time since the weather is getting worse.. i cannot even be outside for much time)

Ejem.. ok, Note to self:

Trust is not a given. In any relationship, it is the hardest thing to earn and the easist to lose. In fact, the only words harsher than "I don't love you anymore" are "I don't trust you anymore".

The former has everything to do with someone else. There's nothing you can do about a change of heart. The latter has everything to do with you.

(i learned this as the harder way u_u so, never again)

3 comentarios:

wobblinbetty dijo...

so true!

loving your drawing too

The Perpetrator dijo...

I'm so jealous of your talent! I'm also glad to see your'e updating your blog! :) beautiful creepy drawing!

hope you're doing well. xx

Ashley McConnell dijo...

lovely blog and inspiring words. x