domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Sous le ciel de Paris~

I just had moved to Paris 2 months ago... this are a few of many moments that I've living here.

The infamous Joanne d'Arc (did you knew that she was only 14 years old when she started her war against the british?

The super famous Musee de Louvre (before it was a medieval castle, it was converted in museum by Napoleon III).. and yep, this is the picture every chinesse turist have... again, shameless U_U
Place de la Concorde.. a "gift" from the goverment Egyptcian to Napoleon.. they give the 2 towers of Luxor but it was so heavy and trouble to transport here, that France said.. no thanks x) we just want one.. The point it cannot be cracked.

And this is the view in the top of Arc de Triomphe.. at the end La Defense.. in the "most beautiful street in the world": Champs Elysee.. true or not, that's the oficial statement of every french.

Jardin de Luxemburgo~

Have a nice week folks!

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