lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Hair Extensions - Amsterdam~

Bravo pour moi.. And I say it in a very sarcastic way. I've been had my head upside down by I'm back from Amsterdam, what a beautiful city, Netherlands! What a country :)
Anyway. I hadn't had the opportunity to show you guys my new look.. wich I've received from HairExtensionSale! Since I came to Paris I change my black hair to this Chatain clair with a little bit decoloration in the tips, but still miss something, something that it's been filled up with this extensions Blonde cendre~
They are awesome quality and they arrived in no-time! You should check the page often, they have many good offerts~

this was my hair before! court et nul :(

I hate to upload photos here, is so slow :( anyway, today's a good weather in Paris, I'm going out, have a good one kiddos!

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